Friday, December 19, 2014

Homeless People With Their Pets

"No one should be denied a home whether it be a human or a dog or a cat..." ~ Quote by Real Humans are Kind to Animals

In honor of all the homeless we don't forget you: Phil Collins - Another Day in Paradise :

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vegans ARE making a difference!

You might have heard people say, "One person not eating meat won't make a difference!"

They're wrong!! We ARE making a difference! Less demand for animal products = less supply.

As the number of vegetarians/vegans increases, the number of dead animals decreases! 
Over 500 million fewer animals were slaughtered for "food" in 2012 than in 2006. 500 million!!! Our efforts really are leading to progress!

So remember, keep fighting to good fight and choose compassion over killing!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Who rescued who??

This is Mary Elizabeth...
This beautiful girl was diagnosed with leukemia. Her fuzzy buddy was a high kill shelter survivor. We often say..who rescues, who? This was an update from her mom on her facebook page. Mary's mom said, "He saves her life and ours daily. We love him sooo much!!! He is her therapy cat! And won't leave her side. At times she layed down next to him from the hospital bed and they "talk" to each other. He rubs all over the iPad and cries for her when she is not here. Love Big Pete!!!"

"Mary E. is having a good day. She is resting a lot and feels good. Still working on her appetite:) After seeing the bond M.E has with her pets and seeing the therapy animals at the hospital I thought my post today would be about that. I know not everyone is a cat person or an animal/pet person. But I wanted to share our cat story with you as I sit on our deck and watch ME and her cat just love the heck out of each other. You will have a hard time convincing me animals don't have souls. So, after losing my big orange cat of 16 years and going 3 years pet-less I had semi convinced my husband we were ready for a new cat. So I told my animal rescue friend Nicole Davis who works with Angels Among Us to find us a orange Persian kitten. The NEXT day she was showing me this sad looking older 4 paw declaw Persian in a high kill shelter that she thought I needed to "save". Well, I couldn't say no. Although I worried whoever put a 4 paw declaw Persian in a kill shelter probably did so because he peed on everything and this cat probably was a nut job! But I agreed to take this baby in. Whit named him "Peter Parker Spidey" AKA "Big Pete". The day we got him was ME's birthday and we ran right after ME's 9th birthday party to get him!!!
He was a huge, furry, matted, scared mess and meowed like a goat! But we have loved him like no other ever since. And he rarely pees out of his litter box:) He is an amazing cat! Mary says he was her best birthday present. He always follows her around. They talk "cat" daily and have their own language and understand each other. He sleeps with her. Wakes the kids up every morning. Makes sure they are in their beds at night. He even alerts us when something is wrong. The day we were home before the leukemia diagnosis he laid on her and wouldn't get off so much to the point that ME said, "I love Pete, but he won't get off me and I can't sleep." Animals are some of the best therapy. If you don't like cats or have had a bad cat experience you should meet ours. We might change your mind. We now have three pets. They were all older when we got them and all amazing. Consider adopting an older pet from a rescue. They will have your favorite breed, I am sure. Mine is obviously Persian but RESCUE is the BEST breed! You won't regret it. And ALWAYS please be responsible and spay and neuter! Mary E. wants to get a therapy dog next and help others. Of course she does! Oh boy!"

Thank you Mandi and family for adopting! We are happy Big Pete can be there to comfort Mary Elizabeth.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shakira is a Hypocrite?!

Really, Shakira??? Because we just did a little research and found that Shakira was seen in Jan 2011 in Paris sporting a Helmut Lang FUR and Leather Hood Jacket. We looked up the origins of the material and took this from a website which sells the jacket "black wool insert at black lamb leather body. Black rabbit fur collar and covered hood." The Lamb skin and Rabbit fur are both sourced from Spain. The leather part comes from a lamb, which implies its not even fully grown... The rabbit fur is also inexcusable. We just thought we'd share our findings with you. 
Pics of Shakira wearing jacket:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Perfume: Yes or No?


Animal testing for cosmetic purposes and animal testing for fragrance- completely unnecessary. There seems to us to be no valid reason why animals should enter the equation regarding something made strictly for fragrancing one's (human) epidermis. Perfumes contains urine, which acts as a mild astringent and "makes the smell last longer". The scented ingredients mask the urine smell. Perfumers have long been using stanky ingredients in their perfumes, such as ambergris (which is chunks of gristley whale vomit, BTW) and musk--it makes the perfume more long lasting and smell stronger. They also use the musk from a skunk or a civet cat as a constituent that carries the scent of the perfume. A number of fragrances contain animal products, including animal urine or other secretions from animals. The musk ox amongst other animals like the musk deer, muskrat and beaver, are all used to provide musk from their glands. This can also be contained in the animal urine and so collected and applied in the process of combining all ingredients intended for the resulting perfume or fragrance. So listen to Grumpy cat: say NO! to perfume!

Info and photo edited by: Real Humans are Kind to Animals

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We got a hint from an animal activist:
please be aware there is a lady out there asking to re-home small dogs...lives in Brighton  name Tracey Horsecroft, it is well known now that she is a scammer and gets the dogs and sells them on she is advertising all over the place...for dogs, parrots etc..PLEASE BEWARE!! You can look her up on facebook. Saying she lost her beloved chi and wants another, she is then advertising one year old dogs for stud..parrots, cages,,and yet still wants to find a rescue..she has been rumbled on several sites..please beware.. name now changed to HORSEC ANN please share on all pet sites! Thank you!