Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shakira is a Hypocrite?!

Really, Shakira??? Because we just did a little research and found that Shakira was seen in Jan 2011 in Paris sporting a Helmut Lang FUR and Leather Hood Jacket. We looked up the origins of the material and took this from a website which sells the jacket "black wool insert at black lamb leather body. Black rabbit fur collar and covered hood." The Lamb skin and Rabbit fur are both sourced from Spain. The leather part comes from a lamb, which implies its not even fully grown... The rabbit fur is also inexcusable. We just thought we'd share our findings with you. 
Pics of Shakira wearing jacket:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Perfume: Yes or No?


Animal testing for cosmetic purposes and animal testing for fragrance- completely unnecessary. There seems to us to be no valid reason why animals should enter the equation regarding something made strictly for fragrancing one's (human) epidermis. Perfumes contains urine, which acts as a mild astringent and "makes the smell last longer". The scented ingredients mask the urine smell. Perfumers have long been using stanky ingredients in their perfumes, such as ambergris (which is chunks of gristley whale vomit, BTW) and musk--it makes the perfume more long lasting and smell stronger. They also use the musk from a skunk or a civet cat as a constituent that carries the scent of the perfume. A number of fragrances contain animal products, including animal urine or other secretions from animals. The musk ox amongst other animals like the musk deer, muskrat and beaver, are all used to provide musk from their glands. This can also be contained in the animal urine and so collected and applied in the process of combining all ingredients intended for the resulting perfume or fragrance. So listen to Grumpy cat: say NO! to perfume!

Info and photo edited by: Real Humans are Kind to Animals

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We got a hint from an animal activist:
please be aware there is a lady out there asking to re-home small dogs...lives in Brighton  name Tracey Horsecroft, it is well known now that she is a scammer and gets the dogs and sells them on she is advertising all over the place...for dogs, parrots etc..PLEASE BEWARE!! You can look her up on facebook. Saying she lost her beloved chi and wants another, she is then advertising one year old dogs for stud..parrots, cages,,and yet still wants to find a rescue..she has been rumbled on several sites..please beware.. name now changed to HORSEC ANN please share on all pet sites! Thank you!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Not everyone is bad...

Humans are capable of such cruelty, it's not about where you live.. each person is different, some are nice, some are not. We are all on the same planet, the lines drawn between countries mean nothing.. it only causes separation.  We see the lines now as a way of knowing where someone is on a map.. We are ALL Earthlings. Humans are ignorant. You can't persecute one country and say they are ALL bad...each country has their own devils but luckily also their own angels. Angels for animals let's unite and fight this cruelty against our beloved animals!!! Together we can do it!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Think that chicken is better for you then compared to red meat? Think again... 'Lean' protein is nothing more than a gimmick...

Think that chicken is better for you then compared to red meat? Think again... 'Lean' protein is nothing more than a gimmick...

Many people consider chicken as a health food:
you know, 'gotta get your lean protein.' Considering that slaughterhouses are killing more birds in one day (25-30 million) then they did in an entire year during the 1930's, everyone has been duped. Aside from getting fed their own fecies and rendered animal, chickens now grow over twice as fast thanks to genetics and growth stimulants (3lbs bird in six weeks compared to four months). So fast in fact that these animals can not handle the weight of their own internal organs and are rendered breathless after a few steps. So fast that large slaughterhouses must despose of an average of 500 lbs worth of dead chickens due to what is called "flip over" disease- the chickens die from a heart attack as early as one month old. Chickens life expectancy is around 10 years.

Beside the numerous amount of documentation on cockroach, fly and maggot infestation found in these plants, contamination is also a problem in the poultry industry. According to a USDA microbiologist, there are as many as 50 different opportunities for cross-contamination to occur. The largest offending point of cross-contamination is the chilling pool. Dubbed as 'fecal soup,' this large vat is where the recently "cleaned" birds are left to soak in a pool of chilled water that is brimming with all sorts of excrements. An interesting side note is that these corpses absorb an average of 8% of their weight of this filth. That's right, poultry eaters around America spend more than $1 billion dollars on this bacteria soup that is sold as poultry weight every year.

HOME SWEET HOME: would you like to live like this???

What about inspection? The larger slaughterhouses can see as many as 500,000 corpses leave every day. Each inspector has roughly two seconds to inspect each body for over 12 different diseases as well as other abnormalities (by the way, as a result of popular demand in the poultry industry, feces, sores, scabs lesions and broken bones are considered "trimmable conditions" and are no longer condemnable). Federal regulations allow for the sampling of 10 corpses out of ever 15,000. That is less than .1%.

So what sort of contamination are we talking about? For starters, a reporter who interviewed 84 USDA inspectors wrote that "millions of chickens leaking yellow pus, stained by green feces, contaminated by harmful bacteria, or marred by lung and heart infections, cancerous tumors, or skin conditions are shipped for sale to consumers." As for bacteria, an Agricultural Department study showed that over 99% of broiler chickens have tracable amounts of E. Coli bacteria, 30% of chicken consumed is infested with salmonella and 70-90% are contaminated with a pathogen called campylobacter. Look it up, campylobacter is no joke. Contaminated chicken kills as little as 1,000 and sickens as many as an estimated 80 million Americans each year.

This does not include the horrific living conditions, killing practices and environmental damage that is a result of eating chicken.

"Food Inc."
"Slaughterhouse" by Gale Einsnitz
"Mad Cowboy" by Howard F. Lyman

Thursday, November 1, 2012



Wouldn't it be awesome if EVERYONE was vegan? No animal suffering anymore. No fights between who's right and who's wrong between those who still eat meat and those who gave up all animal products! Veganism IS the answer to the least possible way of animal cruelty. Let's help others 'wake up' today to the idea of letting go of all animal products. When you think of it it is a rather small 'sacrifice' (to some no sacrifice at all, like us. It was a pleasure to free ourselves from all animal products because it meant you were   now really helping ALL animals). Still, some find it a 'sacrifice' to get rid of meat, to get rid of their cheese, to get rid of their beloved leather Louis Vuitton purse or the killer leather pumps from designers. Guess what? those killer shoes killed a cow and had to sacrifice their LIFE. LIFE is more important than your little sacrifice, don't you agree? We're not going into graphics today but we're sure most of you know that man kind isn't very sweet to those animals used for products--and that's the problem. PRODUCTS. That's what the money makers, the designers, the meat-industry ONLY see in all those precious animals. It is our duty to help others who haven't made the first step towards at least reducing those live 'products'. It may mean not much difference to the consumer but it means a everything to that animal--it means LIFE!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Animal Activists fight for animal rights!

Tomorrow, on November 1st, a group of around fifty Israeli activists will make both a political statement and personal protest against industrialized animal abuse, here is a brief list of countries which will participate in the event : USA, Iran,,Australia,United Kingdom,Canada,South Africa,Spain,Portugal,Italy,France,Turkey,Sweden,The Netherlands,Germany,India... . November 1st is World Vegan Day and, for the first time this year, “269 Solidarity Day”.
This movement was sparked by three international activists who were publicly branded with a hot iron, in the exact fashion that cattle are branded, ( ) to protest against animal consumption . The number 269 was chosen because it was the identification number given to a calf born in an Israeli factory farm.
According to the activists, the movement to brand, and now tattoo, one’s body with 269 is a form of solidarity and immortalization. It is a statement that when it comes to suffering and pain there is no difference between animals and humans. When it comes to pain we are all the same.
They are hoping to be able to raise awareness and empathy for those animals who are victims of the meat, dairy, egg, fashion and medical industries. This group of Israeli activists are undergoing the tattoo ‘branding’ as part of an international event, involving similar groups all over the world, in the hope of spreading their message.
As well as the activists tattooing themselves, there will be a dramatic visual demonstration simulating the way Jews were branded in the Holocaust.
Unlike other campaigns, these activists are calling for a complete abolition of animal slavery. “The people here today volunteering their skins are people from all walks of life who have learned from history's human holocausts, and recognise that the animal holocaust is far from over. Like the institutionalized confining and suffering of millions of humans by Hitler, animals on factory farms today suffer almost mirror-like cruelty which continues at the greed of animal-using industries.
We are taking part in this event in solidarity for all these victims of industries that still use animals as nothing more then commodities. We are calling for an end to the slavery and violence that happens every single day in the name of food, fashion and testing.
"In relation to [animals], all people are Nazis; for the animals, it is an eternal Treblinka."( Isaac Bashevis Singer ).
We should be ashamed for every sow that is confined to a gestation crate that is so small she can't even turn around, for every calf that is taken away from his/her mother so she can produce milk for us instead of her child, for every hen that is confined to a battery cage.” - Danica Daley, organizer for the Melbourne 269 demonstration.